Tuesday, June 21, 2011

#367 Luddite BalsaBot

I've had a bag of balsa wood for probably 10 years, found it after moving and used some x-acto knives to cut it up some. I want to try some carving/Dremel work but this stuff is too fragile.

#366 Acrylic Robot

Playing with some acrylic paints, the background was much bluer than I expected but I went with it and blended lighter blue. This is on a 6"x8" canvas board, I am going to try on a small canvas (1.5"x2"ish) next.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Collating Ideas

So it has been weird not making a robot each day, I've felt like I am forgetting to do something. I had a busy weekend though so it was nice to not have to figure out scheduling robot time in there.

I do have this weekend free so I have a few ideas for something I will try. I will of course post whatever I come up with.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

IOU #2 #348 Skeleton Bot

Ok for reals, this is the last robot! In recognition of it being Skull Appreciation Day I needed my IOU robot to be skull related. So here is a skeleton robot.
Sorry I miscounted, I suppose I could blame Florida for the miscount :D And I am now really done with 365. Thanks to all again!

Wooden hanging skeleton cut out. paint and computer parts.

Friday, June 3, 2011

IOU #1 - #149 The Dunce

"I will not blame my Pentium" for the mathematical errors.

Doodle in inkscape/GIMP.

IOU - Two Robots!

Holy crow! I always knew I wasn't a mathamagician, seems #149 and #348 don't exist! Or disappeared in a worm hole!

I was pretty sure this would happen, I'd miss a number (thanks to relying on form history in my web browser). So I will make two more 'make up' bots the next two days.

So instead of an adult beverage I will be putting on a pointy hat and sitting in a corner.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

#365 Another SkullBot to bookend things

So here I am at the end of a year of making robots. I can't believe my year is done now! Granted, I missed a couple days of making a robot but made up for it by making multiple robots in a day to try and stay true to the 365. And I did do a couple 'guest posts' but overall it has been a neat experience, my creativity is way higher than it ever has been and best of all I am not sick of robots. In fact I will be continuing the robot a day site here but I'll be on a less strict schedule than before. This give me time to try out a few robot ideas that will take a bit more patience than I can allow for a daily project.
Most robots done here were thought up shortly before creation and many I only had an hour or less to come up with and work with something (the bummer of working for a living). I highly encourage everyone to do a 365 project, even if you don't do something every day, it still is a good way to get your creativity going.

Many thanks to my dedicated commenters, Mr. Noah Scalin for the original project and inspiration (pick up his 365 creative journal and fire up your creativity), Dudecraft.com for regular inspiration as well, The Daily Robot for awesome inspiration and some great art that now is in my houe, Robot a day for more robot ideas and inspiration, all you other 365ers who have commented and inspired me, anyone else I forgot and most importantly my dear wife Paloma for her support and understanding of my crazy whims and this project!

Now - Robot #365 - I wanted to bookend things with another SkullBot. Initially this was going to be a Skullicopter - a fusion of the skull to my mini-helicopter but I couldn't get it to fly right so here is what I came up with. Plastic skull, board from a dead PC speaker, hand cut aluminum sheet metal, plastic wire loom, IKEA creepy hand drawer pulls and some computer parts (and a googly eye for good measure!). Had to use a crapton of hot glue to hold this guy in place (the poor person's epoxy :D )

Thank you again all for following and commenting. Another robot will be here, but maybe after I take a week off! Now if you excuse me it is Adult Beverage Time!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

#364 Graduation!

Since I am about to 'graduate' from my year of robots, my wife is about to graduate from her grad school program and my nephew graduates high school I figure a robot graduating is a good theme for the next to last robot (in my year, not ever).