Friday, July 9, 2010

Road trip soon but robots will continue

I'll be making a road trip next week and may not have net access a couple days but I will still make a robot that day (probably drawn on days I fly). I will post them when I can get access again.

Now a month in I'm happy I've been able to post something every day. Not happy that I haven't branched out much but I still have the better part of 11 months to do so. With summer kicked in and work, the big challenge is time+motivation. I spent most of 30 years living in the desert or on the gulf coast and no longer tolerate heat like I used to so when the mercury creeps up above 90 I become a melted lump.

Thanks to the followers who've stuck with it this far, I'll keep it up and hope to polish my offerings and improve my techniques!

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