Saturday, September 4, 2010

#92 Rosie the Robot

Few know that Rosie the Robot (as seen on The Jetsons) started out as an exotic French Maid bot working in a robot dance club. Until that unfortunate day the creepy little man with the mustache and a strong 'sprocket' fetish came in. He demanded a lap dance, his lackey George said it was crazy. But hey, money talks and common sense walks.

The dance happened, the little creep was almost crushed, Rosie fell and was grievously damaged and George was left to cover not only the little man's dalliances but to pay off the club owner. In order to 'pay' George back the little man bumped his pay and had Rosie remade into a robot maid and gave it to George, his family none the wiser behind what really happened.

That bald freak who loves cogs knows that dirt can be dug up and he might be able to force his competitor out of business. He tries and tries but George knows if he values his insides on the inside he will keep quiet as his boss made sure should he ever speak out about it he'll find Rosie a capable disembowler as well as being able to clean it all up afterward.

Apologies if I just raped anyone's childhood.

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