Sunday, April 10, 2011

#310 Assorted Ephemera

Here is yesterday's robot made from assorted ephemera. I had every intention of using some items from my workbench that had been in storage for 4+ years or something other than a random assembly but after almost 7 hours of power washing at my new house and a couple more hours of other work and IKEA furniture assembly I remembered about 8:30 last night "Oh crap! Robot!"
I have an idea for today and a piece of what I want to use set aside at the house (didn't bring it back to my apartment) and I don't plan on power washing all day so I hope not to push up on another last minute robot.

Vintage tiny oil can, vintage typewriter ribbon can, staple remover, bottle opener and a ticket puncher/hole punch (from a defunct Spokane bus line).

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