Saturday, May 28, 2011

#360 Dinner is served!

As the project has gone on the accumulation of robots has continued. I haven't kept all the robots I have made but there are some I want to display but just am not sure how (other than rotating them in and out of a shelf). Found some shadow box frames at IKEA for cheap so here is #37 Robot Butler busy at a party. A dog party. But work is work nowadays.
Dinner is served, WOOF!


  1. I had a question...I know this blog was made to be a 365 day project, and you're been amazing about keeping it up, but are you going to continue after the year is over? I mean, you're already at 360....

    I've enjoyed your blog thus far, but, I couldn't blame you if you chose to stop...

  2. Oh I am going to keep going, I have some ideas that just can't be done in one day, or my usual of just an hour or two to come up with and make a robot. So there will be more! I appreciate you following along with me!