Sunday, October 31, 2010

#150 Steampunk Skull Zombie Bot

Revision of Skull-A-Day's Steampunk Skull. A spooky Steampunk Skull Zombie Bot, rolling around vocabulating for "CENTRAL PROCESSING UNITS! CENTRAL PROCESSING UNITS!"
What? Why would a bot say 'Brains'?

This was my first time playing with LEDs from scratch, so thankfully there are a few LED calculator sites so I could pick the right resistor for it. 9V battery, 470 ohm resistor and 2 red LEDs in parallel. Head from, body is a paper covered toilet tissue tube and some components.


  1. Wow, he's extra creepy with the light up eyes! Great work as always!

  2. Thank you, I just couldn't get a good enough pic, the red LEDs are a great shade. Without a body it was looking like a terminator.